We are the
Bachelorette.com team. For over a decade we have been the leading site for bachelorette party stuff. We sell all kinds of weird party supplies. It's a fun job actually, but after selling a few thousand penis cake pans we began to wonder what happened to them all.

We checked craigslist and it doesn't seem like anyone sells them. We also figured that they would be fairly embarrassing to toss into the recycle bin, so we figured that most people just stashed them deep within their cupboard. Well, we decided it would be a fun project to help people resurrect their penis pans.

The ideas started to flow in our conference room. Tom came up with the idea for the site and Holly took the assignment and ran with it. What started as just an idea for an elephant grew into many ideas and many cakes. Our office ate well for a while there.

While we still are able to bake a new cake once in a while, we could probably use your help. If you come up with a great idea for a cake, bake it and send us a photo. If we use it on the website we'll send you $50 worth of stuff from one of our websites. We run some cool sites too, so it is a great prize. You can email: peniscakes@priveco.com